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How a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Income!

How much do you value yourself?

By that, I mean how much do you earn - each working hour doing the job that pays your wage?

You see, if at any point throughout your working day you find yourself trying to keep up with administrative work, scheduling meetings, finding a car-park at your next business lunch or anything else that isn’t chargeable to your clients, then that is all time that you aren’t charging yourself out for what your really worth.  So – why are you still doing it?

Here at VAMe we can take on the burden of those menial tasks – allowing you more time to do what you do best - completing more chargeable work that puts more £££ into your pocket.

So, instead of spending time keeping up with your work load, why not get ahead of the game and allow us get the work done for you whilst you concentrate on the more important things, whether that’s more work, a round of golf, or even that family holiday you keep promising.

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