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Secretarial and Admin

Throw back to the 90's when everyone had their own secretary or admin support - it really was 'the done thing'; fantastic for those wanting a full time job sat outside their bosses office making coffee! Jump to the current day and the realization that those jobs just don't cut it anymore. You want professional support as and when you need it, it may not be every day or even every month for most people; but you want the comfort of knowing that when you call you will get the support you need.

That's exactly what we do here at VA Me; we're here when you need us and if we don't cross paths for another day, week or even month - that's fine (we won't take offense!) we'll be here when you call.

From diary management to document typing, telephone answering service to event management, invoicing to meeting room bookings; we're here to make the daily chores of running a business or even your personal life easier.

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